I’ve tried here to answer the questions I’m the most frequently asked.

I’m happy to discuss with you any points you would like to clarify

Sophrology sounds strange

The word ‘Sophrology’ was created by the founder of this method. It derives from Greek and means ‘the study of consciousness in harmony’. Sophrology has no religious or political innuendos. It’s a body-mind training to improve overall well-being.

I will invite you to do gentle movements, some breathing exercises and visualisations (imagining yourself in positive circumstances). You will perform the exercises on your own, guided by my voice. There will be no physical contact between us.

You will be in a relaxed state but fully aware of what’s happening all the time. You stay completely in charge

I’ve tried mindfulness but I find it hard to meditate. How is Sophrology different?

Sophrology is a guided practice: you won’t stay by yourself in long silence and static pauses. I will gently guide you with my voice through a gentle combination of dynamic movements, breathing, relaxation and visualisation exercises. Your body will be engaged, not only your mind.

I’ve tried yoga but I felt it wasn’t right for me. How is Sophrology different?

In Sophrology, there is no complicated posture to achieve, no right or wrong way of doing an exercise. We’re not looking for performance but a gentle reconnection with our body. You don’t need any special clothes or equipment. You practice as you are, as it feels right for you.

How is Sophrology different from hypnotherapy?

I will gently guide you with my voice to a deep state of relaxation. Your mind will be calm and alert, more creative and more open as there will be less judgemental, critical and analytical resistance from your mind. You will always be fully aware of what’s happening and you will always be able to decide what you’re doing. I

In hypnotherapy, you accept to go down into a deeper state of relaxation where you are not in control. You may not remember all that has happened.

Is Sophrology for me?

Yes! Sophrology meets you where you are at in your life, whatever your physical abilities, your gender or your age. There is nothing to achieve. Sophrology may be practised standing, sitting or lying down to take into account the tiredness / discomfort / pain you may experience, enabling you to deeply but gently feel better.