One to one sessions

Face to face at the studio or in a video call, as you prefer

Tailored to address your specific needs

Individual and personalised support

45 min - £55 / session

45 min - £150 / 3 sessions

Corporate group sessions

Tailor-made program, to be discussed together

30 min online session- £100

Price for the whole group

Together, we can work on :

Stress management



exams, work

sports competitions

artistic performances

Emotion management




exams, work

public speaking

job interviews

Change management

Body reconnection

cancer, adolescence,

maternity, menopause

Sophrology is

in no way a substitute

for medical care


+ Be less in your head and reconnect with your sensations and your body.

+ Allow yourself to slow down to recharge

+ Release physical, emotional and mental tension. Permit yourself to let go.

+ Live more in the present, being fully in the ‘here and now’. Leave the past and the future where they belong

+ Focus on what’s strong in you. Not on what’s wrong.

+ Be more flexible and agile. Open up to new possibilities and different perspectives

+ Tap into your inner resources, activate your abilities and boost your confidence