Release your stress, find your balance

You may feel that overall, you’re managing your personal, familial, social and professional life quite ‘well’. You complete what you have to do and juggle to your best your different roles.

But how do you feel?

Perhaps you feel sometimes a certain unbalance. Too much to do with too little time, each day like an unending to-do list. A pressure to achieve more and perform better. An impression of being depleted of your energy without being able to properly rest or sleep because of racing thoughts.

Over time, tension and stress build up, making it more and more challenging for you to keep your balance and your life under control.

Our lives are complicated and quick-paced, full of external demands, constant comparisons, higher and higher standards.

That won’t change. But you can choose to change the way you react to them.

You can regain your physical, mental and emotional balance.
A relaxed body and a calm, clear and focused mind.

We learn how to tie our shoes, solve multiple variable equations and drive a car. But we don’t learn how to take care of ourselves.

Let me take care of you and share with you this skill with Sophrology.

Together we can work on

Stress management



exams, work

sports competitions

artistic performances

Emotion management

Sleep improvement


exams, work

public speaking

job interviews

Change management

Body reconnection

cancer, maternity

Sophrology is

in no way a substitute

for medical care

A little about me

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