Finding calm and clarity. Finding yourself!

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed. Too much to do with too little time. A pressure to achieve more and perform better. Struggling to rest because of racing thoughts. Over time, tension and stress build up, making it more and more challenging for you to keep up.

You can change.

Discover effective techniques to regain a relaxed body, a clear mind and a calm emotional state. So you can fully live your life.

1 min 40


Whatever your age, gender and physical abilities, I welcome you as you are, where you are in your life. The sessions are a safe and free space where you can fully be yourself.

I don't care about social pretense, external expectations and judgements. What I care about is how you are feeling - your body, mind and emotions. Together, we can alleviate the pressure and what's limiting you so you can move forward more freely and embrace who you are.

One-to-one or group sessions, flash 30-minute sessions or longer ones, find which option suits you best.

Invite your teams to wellbeing workshops to release tension and recharge. Together, we can alleviate the stress, boost energy levels, focus and motivation.

From flash 30-min breaks to themed conferences designed around your needs, I can accompany you in English or in French.

On-site or in remote work, support your employees with beneficial pauses. Demonstrate that you care and value your teams' wellbeing and mental health.

Together we can work on:

Sophrology is in no way a substitute for medical care

Don't let your stress limit you or exhaust you!

Discover effective techniques to better regulate your stress and finally thrive. Being hyper-stressed is not a sustainable lifestyle. Act before reaching the breaking point.

Stress management / burnout

What if you stop procrastinating? Sabotaging yourself? Trying to be perfect?

Together, we can break down your barriers so you can be at your very best when it matters to you (exams, job interviews, professional challenges, artistic / sports events). Unlock your full potential!

Performance boost

You often feel overwhelmed by your emotions. Caught up in panic attacks or anger outbursts. Held back by your fear.

Tame your emotions to develop more harmonious relationships with others and with yourself.

Emotion management
Sleep improvement
Body reconnection

When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?

Difficulties to fall asleep, insomnia, constant tiredness during the day ... Don't let a disturbed sleep become your norm.

Make peace with your sleep and find your way back to restorative nights.

You won't be able to do it. What will people think of you? Anyway, they are better than you... Enough! Stop belittling yourself and not daring to try.

Together, we can muster the resources and strengths you need to assert yourself more.

You feel that your body doesn't reflect who you truly are. It's too fat/thin, not beautiful enough, too old ..

Body changes through life may be difficult to deal with (teenagehood, maternity/sterility, menopause, cancer, ...). Overcome value judgments on your body and make peace with yourself.

A little about me

Have a look at my story, how Sophrology helped me and my journey