My story

In 2020, at 45 years old I enrolled in a professional Sophrology training after being burnt out. All my life, I have been a high-achiever: excellent flautist, competitive market research consultant and mother. But I also felt exhausted. Physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Looking back, I realised how much Sophrology had helped me overcome challenging times in France (exams, artistic performances, professional challenges, becoming a mother, ...).

Over 2 years, I experienced how this practice allowed me to release tension and regain a relaxed body, a clear mind and a calm emotional state.

Today, as a Sophrology practitioner, I am happy to help other people find their balance and fully enjoy their life.

Markers of my journey:

  • 1996: Bachelor’s degree in French literature - Paris Sorbonne University

  • 1998: Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication - Paris IV University

  • Since 1998: Media analyst and qualitative/quantitative consultant for French market research institutes

  • 2022: Sophrology practitioner diploma - Sophrology Academy in Kent, UK

What will yours be?

What if you allowed yourself to break from your daily routine and packed days to finally take some 'me-time'? What if you took a moment when you didn't have to pretend or meet other's expectations or demands? A moment to take care of yourself?

During our sessions, you can release physical, mental and emotional tension. You can regain calm and clarity. You are then in the best position to make choices aligned with who you are and what truly matters to you.

Join me for an effective and kind support. Get the resources you need to live your life to the fullest.

In English or in French ?

It’s my pleasure to accompany you in English or in French, whichever you prefer.

Since 2010 I 've been living in London. I was living in Paris before.