You can feel better

We don't have much contol over others but we can act on ourselves! By releasing physical, mental and emotional tension you can take a step back from complicated situations and regain calm and clarity. You are then in a better position to make choices aligned with who you truly are. You create for yourself a new space of freedom, opening up new possibilities .

One-to-one sessions

These sessions are for you if you are looking for :

  • A personalised support

  • A time to share, discuss and be listened to

  • Flexibility. You book your sessions at your pace when it suits you best

  • Support with:

    Stress management

Burnout prevention/recovery

Performances boost

Emotion management

Sleep improvement


Body reconnection

1st session 1h15 then 45 min sessions

Face-to-face at the studio in London

or online on Zoom

£60 / session - £275 / 5-session package

My advice : 5 sessions, 1 per week or fortnight.

We would like to change instantly! I understand your desire to immediately access the new you. But you are not a machine. There is no button to press to activate change. Allow yourself the time to deeply integrate a new mindset and different behaviour.

From our first session, you will get efficient techniques to calm down your mind, relax your body and start feeling better. Each session will enrich your toolbox so you will be able to carry on taking care of yourself independently.

Taster session - Give it a go!

All that you need is:

  • a calm space

  • a chair

Allow yourself 6 min to release tension