'Claire's caring and engaging personality, coupled with her professionalism, makes her the perfect ambassador to let you discover the benefits of Sophrology. Claire's soothing voice gently guided me to a relaxed state, where I learned to reconnect with my breathing, body and mind.'


'The relaxation exercises helped to release the stress of tense weeks. I like the fact that the body is engaged as it really makes a difference. the sessions had great themes and were well structured.'


'I love the release I feel during the session and afterwards. I was new to Sophrology and I feel that it really heps me to be more relaxed, to take a step back and feel less overwhelmed. The sessions are a way for me to take care of myself.'


'I love the sessions because I feel I can stop the constant thoughts in my head. I learned different techniques and movements to relax that I can easily redo on my own.'


'The weekly sessions were highly beneficial for me in terms of stress and wellbeing. I appreciated Claire's positivity, both comforting and encouraging. Will definitely sign up for more.'


'I appreciated this time for myself, when I could just let go and reconnect with my body and myself. I realised how much breathing helps to better copper with stress and anger.'